spoon, 2002
still image from continuous loop video
dimensions variable

In Spoon two women, one blonde and one brunette are face to face. Each in turn spoon-feeds the other. Playing on ideas of opposites and favorites, the brunette gets fed vanilla pudding while the blonde gets fed chocolate pudding. The use of color and balance transforms something initially repelling into a monotonous formal exercise.

Spoon explores the shared experience and the ambivalence of an intimate relationship, like that of a mother and child. Although spoon-feeding is a common mother/ child activity, it is odd as two adult women partake in it. The suggested intimacy becomes obsessive in its repetitive regiment. The facial expressions are concentrated and determined, trying to balance the act of simultaneously feeding and being feed. The women are nurturing at the same time they are being nurtured.

The reciprocated action is repeated in a continuous seamless loop. Each segment is mirrored upon the last to emphasize the reflexive quality of the action. Through the use of reverse time manipulation the act of giving becomes taking.

all images © Diana Shpungin & Nicole Engelmann 2000-2007